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“If you need words and/or someone to steer the creation of words, hire Giles soonest. He’s the best.” – Russell Davies

“It’s difficult not to understate the contribution Giles has made at the Government Digital Service. He has an enviable capability to explain complex subject matter in a straightforward and engaging way. His writing and creative direction has played a big part in defining the style and tone of the organisation and uniquely captured our culture.” – Wendy Coello

“Giles is excellent. Working with him @gdsteam was a pleasure. He’s superb at telling really human stories about people making digital stuff.” – Matt Sheret

“If you need someone who writes like a dream and who is both brilliant and a complete joy to work with: hire Giles immediately.” – Janet Hughes

“Giles is astounding with words and wonderful to work with.” – Sonia Turcotte

“Hire Giles. He’s one of the best.” – Alyson Fielding

“This is someone to hire and treasure. Giles writes best words and helps others to understand the how, what and why of words about services.” – Chris Thorpe

“#hiregiles you won’t regret it. Storyteller, creative leader, gentleman and scholar. He was an essential person in making GDS so famous.” – Tom Dolan

“Giles is a genius with words, making complicated stuff easy to understand. And a truly lovely, lovely man.” – Tom Loosemore

“Hire this gentleman fast as you can.” – Meri Williams

“I’ve used Giles many times as a freelance writer and never failed to be impressed with the quality of his work. Not only does he do the basics well - from doing the required research through to getting the work in bang on time - but he also writes clearly, concisely and with a high degree of obvious expertise. There’s nothing that I couldn’t throw at him with an expectation of high-quality finished copy. Highly recommended.”– Ian Betteridge

“If I ever get a dog, I’m calling him Giles Turnbull.” – Maggie Mason